Nose Re-shaping

nose reshapingPeople are impacted emotionally about the shape of their nose. They hide their faces, they won’t have their photo taken, and this affects their personality and self-confidence.

There are two procedures to correct a nose.

One is the traditional Rhinoplasty performed by a qualified Plastic Surgeon is the most common. For some people this may be a little daunting.

Rhinoplasty is a down time procedure and results are permanent.

Therefore the ‘Non Surgical 15 Minute Nose Job’ is an exciting procedure. This procedure is long lasting however not permanent. This procedure may also give a client the confidence to have a Rhinoplasty.

During a 15-minute non surgical nose job, patients undergo a dermal filler treatment. These fillers are injected into the desired areas of the nose to help camouflage abnormalities and will last an average of 12 months.

The procedure is relatively painless and can be completed in one short clinic visit. However it requires a Cosmetic Injecting Artist.

Unlike a surgical procedure, these fillers allow patients to obtain quick results with little or no healing time. It is a walk in walk out procedure. There may be some bruising. Which may last a few days.

A 15 minute nose job is an excellent and affordable option for people who;

  • Do not want to undergo extensive Rhinoplasty
  • Who want an instant result with no down time?
  • Who have slightly crooked or uneven noses
  • Have a bump on the bridge of the nose
  • Have a nose that is crooked or off centre

Patients with large noses that want a decrease need surgical Rhinoplasty.