cosmedix-discover-results-kit logoCosmedix is a medical skin care range available to Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons. The range is based apon L-Retinol AGP complex (Vitamin A). Regimes can be tailored to suit all skin types and conditions.

Cosmedix also offer innovative, non-traumatic peels to stimulate healthy changes in the skin. You can achieve maximum results with minimum downtime.

The peel range is classified into two sections- today’s peels and tomorrow’s peels. Today’s peels are gentle and can be performed without prior skin preparation. These are ideal for rejuvenation for special occasions, relaxation or to achieve similar results in a slower process. One’s skin usually has little to no erythema, downtime or peeling post peel. Tomorrow’s peels are ideal to target more stubborn and severe skin conditions. Please see our information regarding Peels for more information.

Cosmedix have also designed the Body Revolution Range to accommodate skin care concerns elsewhere on the body.

Cosmedix is great for patients to prepare their skin pre facial surgery to improve the health of the skin, resulting in reduced downtime and recovery.