Cosmelan de-pigmentation solution by mesoestetic

60 min / $1499

Cosmelan® is a depigmenting solution that has an intensive correcting action on skin hyperpigmentation while simultaneously regulating the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, provoking inhibition and control of the appearance of new dark spots. With Cosmelan’s dual corrective and controlling action of hyperpigmentation, achieving short and long-term results are achievable. Our Cosmelan protocol consists of Cosmelan phase 1 in clinic + Cosmelan phase 2 home care products + 3 follow-up visits with LED light therapy to support the skin healing.

How does it work?

The method consists of a clinic stage (applied by a professional) and a home routine. In clinic, the skin is cleansed and the first cream, Cosmelan 1 is applied. This cream is to remain on the skin for approximately 8-12 hours (dependant on skin type) before it is washed off. Cosmelan 2 cream is applied at home as part of the home routine, and helps to maintain the results and prevent the formation of new spots.

Is there downtime?

Depending on your work, it may be necessary to take time off as there may be moderate peeling experienced. We do not recommend planning any social event in the few weeks following your treatment. Your skin will feel quite tight, dry and will peel for up to a week or longer depending on your skin type and severity of your pigmentation.

What kind of result is there to expect?

In about 10-14 days, clearer and brighter skin should be noticeable with ongoing improvement continuing, as long as you adhere to the program.

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