Cosmetic Injectables


At Chrysalis Medispa our aim is not only to help you achieve natural and healthy changes to your skin, but also take you on a journey of rejuvenation. Our injectable treatments are part of a holistic approach to ageing. In conjunction with Cosmetic Injectables; we recommend medical strength skin care, light and laser treatments and in-clinic skin treatments. Known as “combination therapy”, this philosophy will ensure your skin is healthy and working to it’s optimum.

We endeavour to implement the highest level of care and technique, and will always strive to provide our patients with the latest technology treatments; supported by research and a proven safety record.

We are the only Plastic Surgery affiliated skin, injectable, and laser clinic in Townsville. All treatments at Chrysalis Medispa are required to be prescribed by a medical doctor and are performed by specialist Registered Nurses and Doctors, with recognised training and many years of knowledge in this specialist area.



Indicated for: Ageing Concerns, Facial Proportion Concerns

Facial ageing is a result of changes in the skin, muscles, fat, and bone of the face. Every face ages uniquely and therefore a comprehensive pan-facial assessment is essential to ensuring that your unique concerns are addressed. Our expert injectors will consult with you to determine what your areas of concern are, before formulating a treatment plan using facial mapping tools and diagrams to address these in a natural-looking way. 



Indicated for: Expression Lines, Excessive Muscle Activity

Tiny injections of a purified muscle-relaxing product result in reduced activity of the muscles. The result is a released fresher and smoother appearance. over time, wrinkles are visible reduced. 



The Lip Enhance Package uses 1ml of volume-creating dermal filler to enhance that perfect out. Great value for younger patients looking for lip volume and shape.



As we age, our lips lose volume, become lines, and start to sag. The Lip Restore Package is about natural results. We use 1ml of soft, natural-looking dermal filler to address lip lines, the lip border and to re-create balance between the upper and lower lips. 



Indicated for: Volume Loss, Sagging Skin, & Lack of Contour Definition

We have a wide variety of filler options to allow us to prescribe the correct filler for your concerns. Filler is most commonly used in the cheeks but can be safely used in most areas of the face to correct imbalance in proportion or to restore what nature has taken with age. 



Indicated for: Volume Loss

Injectable collagen stimulators use microparticles to stimulate the skin’s own synthesis of new collagen. Over time, facial lines and folds are beautifully smoothed and reduces and facial contours are restored. 



Indicated for: Dull Skin & Premature Ageing

Also known as “the Vampire Facial”. The patient’s own blood is drawn and then placed into a specialised centrifuge which allows the retrieval of the nutrient-dense platelet-rich plasma. This is then injected back into the skin via tiny needles. The skin’s epidermal growth factors are stimulated and the end result is healthier, more lustrous complexion. PRP can be combined with Dermapen Skin Needling for boosted results. 

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