Electrolysis Hair Removal

Permanent hair reduction using laser has exploded in recent years, and with good reason – it’s fast and effective for large areas such as legs and bikini lines, but there are times to consider Electrolysis Hair Removal.  However, there are limitations to what can be achieved with laser, especially when it comes to fairer hairs.  White, blonde, or grey hairs are unresponsive to most laser treatments, and that is where electrolysis comes in.  Electrolysis can safely and effectively treat hairs of all colours.

Electrolysis sessions are normally booked for between 30-60 minutes.  A small probe (a tiny disposable needle with the same diameter as a hair) is inserted into the follicle and a current is passed into it, destroying the follicle’s ability to support new hair growth.  Most patients report that electrolysis is comparable to laser in terms of discomfort.  Because each hair must be treated individually, electrolysis is a slower procedure than laser and hence, fewer hairs can be treated in one session.  The average amount of hairs treated in an electrolysis session is 10-20, although some patients come for a short appointment just to treat two or three coarse hormonal chin hairs!

Electrolysis is priced as follows:
30 minutes $80
60 minutes $130