Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

What is laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing (the procedure we use most often is the Cutera Pearl procedure) is a laser treatment designed to improve surface imperfections due to ageing and sun damage.  It acts like a deep laser peel. It offers a great combination of safety, patient experience and recovery time. Patients notice a smoother, brighter, more lustrous complexion overall.


What is fractional ablative laser? 

Fractional ablative laser is a collagen induction therapy that uses laser pulses to create tiny holes deep in the skin.  It affects only a fraction, or small portion, of the skin.  The process selectively removes columns of tissue, leaving the surrounding skin healthy and intact. This then stimulates the growth of healthy, new skin, full of fresh collagen.  Over time, this plumps the skin from below, repairing lines and wrinkles and leading to a smoother, firmer skin.


Is fractional ablative laser as good as full surface lasers?

Essentially, these two types of ablative lasers work in different ways.  Full laser resurfacing works on the entire surface of the epidermis, while fractional ablative laser works much deeper in the skin – but only affects a fraction of the skin tissue. Full surface laser ablation works well to improve surface imperfections and to smooth out the skin’s texture, whereas fractional ablative laser works better on deeper lines and wrinkles.


Tolerability and comfort

No one comes to a cosmetic doctor eager to undergo painful treatments.  Therefore, we try to make these types of laser procedures as comfortable for you as possible, using topical anaesthetic (numbing cream).  Typical post-procedure side effects are similar to those you’d feel from a sunburn, with some minor swelling for a day or two afterwards. Exfoliation occurs after a few days.  Afterwards, the skin is left looking remarkably fresher.  And of course, we are there to check up on you and assist you with any enquiries through your whole treatment journey!  We are happy that our patients report an incredibly high satisfaction rating with these procedures, both in terms of tolerability and results.


Customisable treatments

Your procedures are always customised to your skin type, severity of your condition, desired outcome and personal downtime tolerance.  Often the desired treatment effect requires several sessions, with acne scars or other scars in the 4 to 6 session range.  For other more minor concerns, or skin requiring minor rejuvenation or a “freshen up”, often just one session is all that is required!  Your doctor and therapist will discuss your treatments, including downtime, with you in detail.

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