Guinot Paris Professional Skin Care

Guinot Paris Skin Care


Guinot Paris

60 – 75 mins / $120

Guinot Paris facials are prescribed by your skin care therapist and tailored to your skin’s unique needs. Guinot Paris is a well-loved European skincare range that is found in over 7000 spas and clinics worldwide. Featuring 56 active ingredients sourced from botanical and marine extracts, Guinot deeply cleanses, nourishes and nurtures the skin with sublime facials you have to feel to believe. Guinot treatments surround you in unbelievable fragrance and leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and amazing.

Hydradermie Double Ionisation:

60 – 75 mins / $120

Guinot’s cult facial, loved by millions worldwide. This high tech facial utilises specially designed micro-currents to gently infuse active ingredients deeply into the skin. Hydradermie Double Ionisation is able to be customised for most skin concerns and is ideal for a dehydrated, dull, congested or tired skin. Complete with a lymphatic massage and mask therapy, Hydradermie Double Ionisation gives long-lasting results.

Beaute Neuve:

60 – 75 mins / $120

This double-peeling Vitamin C treatment is the ultimate “radiance facial”! Featuring gentle fruit acids, multivitamin serums and a pure Vitamin C mask, Beaute Neuve is the ideal treatment for skins that need a boost. Perfect for brides or partygoers, Beaute Neuve smells gorgeous, feels gorgeous, and brings life back into the skin.


60 – 75 mins / $120

Indulge your skin with the power of botanicals! Guinot’s Aromatics facial incorporates essential oils which are chosen by your therapist after your skin analysis, meaning each aromatherapy blend is specifically designed to suit your skin concerns. Aromatics is the ultimate relaxation facial, featuring a long, luxurious massage of the face, neck and shoulders.


60 – 75 mins / $120

Vitamin C and Pro-Collagen serums are blended to feed your skin the most nourishing, lifting, firming formula! Liftosome features a heavy thermal mask which firms on the skin, creating a velvety warm cocoon. Upon removal the skin is visibly firmed and feels lifted! Liftosome features a beautiful massage which utilises Japanese lifting techniques to help smooth the skin.


60 – 75 mins / $120

This facial is not for the faint hearted but it is for those who seek instant lifting results! Hydralift employs micro-currents to create electromuscular stimulation. This causes contraction in the facial muscles – it’s like a workout for your face! The result? Features that look visibly firmed and lifted. A pressure point massage and Vitamin C lifting mask complete this treatment. Take your face to the gym!

Add-on Eye Logic:

30 mins / $50

Eye logic is specially designed for the delicate eye area. It targets puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles with double ionisation, and is finished with a gentle, relaxing mask and massage to the eye region.

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