Injectable Lip Enhancement & Augmentation

Lip Enhancement

60 mins / from $490 per mL

Injectable lip enhancement is the procedure of strategically injecting dermal fillers into parts of the lip and surrounding lip areas to enhance, shape, or add volume to the lips and reduce surrounding wrinkles. Volume loss of the lips occurs naturally with time, and replacing this lost volume can result in more youthful looking lips.

Enhancing the lips is not always about enhancing just the vermilion or red part of the lips. Filling around the lips may be just as important as filling the lips themselves. For example, correcting the fine upper lip lines, or lifting the corners of the mouth can all be just as important as enhancement of the lips themselves. Correcting one without the other can lead to an imbalance in the overall appearance of the lips.

We aim to enhance lips so that they are proportional to the rest of the face, as well as the upper lip being proportional to the lower lip. Our philosophy is to enhance your lips so that the result is natural as if you were born with them like that.





How is injectable lip enhancement performed?

Injectable lip enhancement is usually performed with dermal fillers. There are many types of dermal fillers and the results can be temporary or permanent depending on the type of dermal filler used. Each one has its pros and cons and will suit different people’s needs.

Due to regulations set by the TGA, the exact name of the dermal fillers used in lip enhancement cannot be used.

The first step is a careful discussion with your treating doctor or nurse who will talk to you about what you want to achieve with your lips. It is important to realise that the lips you have are the foundations that you can build on and cannot be completely changed, but simply enhanced to form a fuller, more defined, and youthful version of your lips.

Secondly, anaesthetic is administered. This can be done topically, by injection, or both. This will ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible for you.

The dermal filler is then injected into the different parts of the lips.

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