Protégé Elite Skin Tightening Treatment


Chrysalis Medispa, together with Dr. Vucak and Queensland Plastic Surgery are the first in North Queensland to provide Protege Elite Skin Tightening Treatment – for effective non-surgical skin firming. Protege Elite uses sophisticated delivery of energy to promote the remodelling of collagen through heating the skin. 

Price List

Full face rejuvenation course of four
60 mins each            $1600
Lower face and neck rejuvenation course of four
60 mins each            $1600

Protege Elite is scientifically proven and clinically tested with measurable, long lasting results. No Anaesthesia or down time required.


You might not realise it but the skin on your neck is subjected to countless stretching motions during the day. Regain firm and taut skin around your neck with our Protégé Elite treatment. Thanks to its radio frequency technology, this government approved device stimulates structural proteins responsible for skin firmness for visible smoothening and gradual lift.


As the device tip is applied over the skin, it emits monopolar radio frequency energy combined with ultrasound, to steadily warm skin to about 43 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, collagen undergoes structural changes, which brings about new collagen growth—a process known as neocollagenesis—to gradually improve skin texture by smoothening fine lines and wrinkles while targeting skin laxity over the next few months as these fibres grow and mature.


Suitable for use around areas like the neck, eyes, jawline and lower face, this treatment is specially devised to achieve optimum results while ensuring safety and comfort. A grounding pad is placed on the back during the treatment to ensure the harmless delivery of radio frequency, and you will feel a warm sensation as the device tip glides over skin.

Most patients describe Protege Elite as uncomfortable due to the heat energy that is delivered into the skin, so we take all precautions to ensure patient tolerance throughout. Slight redness is to be expected immediately after the treatment, but this subsides within hours and you can expect to resume your daily activity in no time.


We recommend at least 4 treatments to firm the skin, every two to four weeks or as directed by your therapist or physician. More treatments may be recommended depending on the desired outcome and skin treated. Your therapist or physician may require you to commence on active skincare from Aspect Dr or Cosmedix prior to commencing your course of Protege Elite.