Protege Elite

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Chrysalis Medispa, together with Dr. Vucak and Queensland Plastic Surgery are the first in North Queensland to provide Protege Elite – the most effective non-surgical skin tightening treatment in the world.

Protege Elite uses sophisticated delivery of energy to promote the remodeling of collagen through heating the skin. Protege Elite is scientifically proven and clinically tested with measurable, long lasting results. No Anesthesia or down time required.

We recommend at least 2 treatments to firm the skin, 10-14 days apart. More treatments may be recommended depending on the desired outcome and skin treated.

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For best results we offer treatment packages including the Protege Elite in Conjunction with the Angel PRP treatment. If you would like more information about the these treatments or our packages please call to book a complimentary consultation with one of our therapist.

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